How to buy a computer?

How to buy a computer?

              Well, if you’re reaching this page and seeking for how to buy a computer? We assume that you are not an IT geek, you don’t understand much about the related stuff about computer? When you want to buy a computer you might fear that you might be overcharge with the computer price, it might work not well or stop working in some ways, might not match with what your needs. Well fear not! Keep reading below we will give you some tips and give you some suggestion about what type of computer you are going to buy, get the right computer for the right job, and lastly affordable price never get overcharge by local shop. Let’s get started before you buy a computer first of all you need to answer yourself a few question below:

  1.      What are your needs? Buy a new computer for what type of jobs? Basic usages (typically for home user just use for typing some document, Web Browsing…) or for heavy graphic design (editing videos, graphic design…), or heavy gaming (like to play high end graphic game?) or for business?
  2.      How much budget you have? Do you have a lot of cash to spend on a new pc? Or on a very limited budget?
  3.      Are you a fanboy? Are you a brand lover? Oh c’ mon I love APPLE!
  4.      Design vs Speed. For those who looking for nice lovely computer you might not get the fastest computer features just yet. And you are just ok with the design well we will give your more suggestion at the end of the article.

After you have answer above questions you need to understand about the Type of computers.

Type of computers

These day we have many computer types such as: Desktop, All in one, Workstation, Server, Laptop, Tablets… So you need to choose one type of them.

1.  Getting a Desktop:


Before you decide you should have answered the above question above first. If you just buy your new computer for daily tasks like: word processing, spreadsheet, surfing the webs, and don’t need additional complex feature like video or audio recording and editing then Desktop is might be a good choice for you. It will come with pros and con as below:

Affordable price not that expensive.

Easy to maintenance, upgrade and repair

The most common computer design looks

Will take large amount of space

Lots of electronic cables and connectors (you will have system unit, monitor, mouse, keyboard other peripheral devices…)

Consume large amount of electricity

  1.      All in one:

Dell all in one

If your requirements are just for basic usage but hate to have lots electronic wires like desktop then all in one might be a good option for you. It looks like a desktop but the better thing is you don’t need to have many cables (monitor cable, VGA cable, and system unit).

Save space

Nice design doesn’t have many electricity cables

Nice look

Monitor and system unit in once place

Consume less electricity than Desktop

Price a bit expensive than Desktop

Hard to upgrade hardware

Hard to repair

  1.       Workstation:

Need more powerful computer?  Do you want a fast multi hyper thread CPU? Do you need high end graphic for Design? YES! By answering YES here we assume that you are a graphic designer or video editor. Then workstation is the best option for you.  It comes with pros and con as below:

Faster performance compare to desktop and all in one

Durable for heavy usage (rendering video and run 24/7)

Easy to maintenance, upgrade and repair

Give you a lot of space for upgrade additional require hardware like (HDD, RAM, VGA)

Will take large amount of space

Lots of electronic cables and connectors (you will have system unit, monitor, mouse, keyboard other peripheral devices…)

Consume large amount of electricity


  1.      Server:

dell server
dell server

What we have mentioned above are only for personally use. How about a company? If you are looking for the type of computer that can manage other computers (clients) and allow thousands of users to access and store the file in the same time you need a Server. Sever comes with pros and con as below:

Can use to manage client computers

Allow users to access and store files

Set permission on clients

Durable run 24/7

Easy to upgrade hardware

Very expensive

Consume large amount of electricity

Large and heavy

  1.       Laptop:


All what we have mentioned above are only able to use only in home or in office. But If you just need a computer which is small and portable can carry along anywhere you want to work then laptop is the best choice for you. It comes with the pros and con as below:

Portable easy to carry along with you

Have everything you need there (monitor, keyboard, mouse speaker all built in a place)

Can be use without electricity it has its own battery

Can access the internet wirelessly


Hardware is very limited with upgrade option

Vulnerable to damage from being dropped.

Easy to be stolen

  1.       Tablets:

Microsoft Surface Tablet
Microsoft Surface Tablet

If you were looking for a computer type that slimmer also have better battery life than laptop. Therefore tablets is a good choice here. First it has a really nice design plus it’s light weight. Almost every tablets is weight less than half kilogram. What’s more it has touchscreen built in. Hence you can easily response to your email by type on the touchscreen.  Furthermore it works just like a computer so you can do all the basic usage on it. In addition its battery life is a lot more than laptop. It can lasts at lease 10 hours. It comes with the pros and con as below:

Super light weight

Slim and nice design

Better battery life

Performance is great for busy business people to check their mail


A bit more expensive

Screen easy get smudged of fingerprints and dust

On screen keyboard just a bit hard to type

Easy to be stolen


Design VS Speed.

If you not a type of guys who be a fanboy or mind about the computer design more than its speed. Before buying a new computer you should understand more about computer internal component such as:

  • Motherboard generation
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • VGA
  • Other features.

We’re gonna cover a lot more about that in the next article.

There are a lot more tips on how to buy a computer? But for now we don’t want you to feel overwhelming. If you interest in this topic don’t forget to subscribe us we will keep you update weekly.



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